Big Swig sparkling water flavors

Now hitting shelves: 3 cold, crisp & crushable naturally-flavored Texas waters

Big Swig balances thirst-quenching bubbles and fresh flavor for a crushable beverage enjoyed any time of day. The can is bold but the bubbles are refreshing, not overwhelming. It’s perfect for hydrating during a weekend at Zilker Park, a weekday lunch, a night out, and everything in between. Anywhere around Austin, Big Swig sparkling water brings a bubbly zip and burst of flavor, delivering Texas-Sized refreshment. Crack one open!

Original Sparkling Can

Original Sparkling

A timeless classic. Like a good pair of blue jeans, our Original Sparkling Water always feels right and goes with just about anything.

Ruby Red Grapefruit Can

Ruby Red Grapefruit

A sparkling citrus explosion, with a hint of sweetness. Made with no sweeteners, no calories, and no bull—but plenty of love and care.

Light & Tangy Key Lime Can

Light & Tangy Key Lime

Sparkling water with a refreshing zip to get you up and running. Light, bubbly, and delicious without any calories, sugar, or worries.

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Big Swig Sparkling Water is available in 12-packs of 12oz cans at select local retailers across central Texas. To learn more visit us on Facebook at

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