Unapologetically Texan, distinctively outrageous and uniquely flavorful sparkling water. Think of it as twelve fluid ounces of Yee-Haw.

Thirst quenching bubbles balanced with fresh flavors means a deliciously crushable beverage for any time of day. Our cans are bold, but our bubbles are refreshing, not overwhelming. They’re perfect for soccer practice, conference calls, cup holders or concerts— and everything in between. And no sugar means you can chug a Swig-ton. A zesty zip and a hint of flavor brings Texas-sized refreshment.

Outrageous? Absolutely. Average? Nope. Crack and Crush nine unique natural flavors. Founded by a foodie and a creative guy, our fizzy waters are inspired by mixology, world flavors and classic Texas ingredients. They’re amusingly unexpected but dang delicious. They even make a great mixer.

If life gives you lemon, you’re drinking really boring sparkling water.



Key Lime

Jalapeño Pineapple

Chile Mango

Prickly Pear Cucumber

Party Pickle

Watermelon Mint

Bring Big Swig to a store near you

It’d be a lot cooler if you did.

We believe it makes no sense to ship water across the globe. Every drop of Big Swig comes from right here in Central Texas. We take it, blast it with bubbles and add a dash of natural flavor. Then we hand-deliver it to Texas. That’s right. Texas sparkling water, made by Texans, only in Texas. It’s greener, better for the state we love, and simple common sense.

And while you’re sipping

Waste a minute of otherwise productive time watching a video we made of a pig drinking sparkling water.

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